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Custom Crating

Whether your crate, pallet or box needs are sturdy and durable for dense weight items or intricately protective and impact resistant for highly specialized cargo, we have the capabilities to manufacture premium containers to ensure the protection and safe transit of your product.

  • Sawmill direct

  • Servicing the Midwest

  • Timely delivery by our own truck fleet 

  • Crate design services

Our re-useable custom manufactured containers are certified, monitored and audited monthly in compliance with IPPC-ISPM 15 standards and meet domestic and international shipping requirements. 

Pukall Lumber Company will strive to:​

  • Have the highest quality standards in the industry

  • Serve military, energy, aerospace, food industry, industrial and commercial sectors

  • Remain government and military specification compliant

  • Be cost-effective and cost competitive

  • Offer custom design solutions involving product transit safety

    • Domestic and export shipment

    • Durability for one-time use or continued reuse

    • Exact loading requirements sustained

    • Ensuring safe transit of cargo and product protection

    • Eliminate excess packaging

Manufactured products include:

  • Boxes

    • Board on board boxes

    • Plywood & OSB boxes

  • Crates

  • Skids

  • Pallets ⁄ Pallet Boxes

  • Packaging

  • Industrial Lumber

    • Plywood & OSB

    • Softwood

    • Hardwood

For more information on Pukall Lumber Company’s new Crating Department, please contact Rick Wilson, President of Pukall Lumber Company at: (715) 358-1632

All coniferous and hardwood packaging materials used in the production of containers for international shipments are required to be heat treated to eliminate parasites that may travel in the wood, posing a threat to forests and crops around the world.

Compliant with IPCM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, Publication 15) regulations.

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