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December 22, 2022


Arbor Vitae,WI – Pukall Lumber Company has brought Kelly Cassel on board to run their new crating department.  Cassel Box & Lumber was a four-generation family-owned business and was one of Wisconsin’s oldest wood container manufacturers. Founded in 1915 by Anthony Cassel, Kelly’s great-grandfather, the family business has been handed down through the generations with a pride of service unmatched in the industry.


Kelly began her career at Cassel Box & Lumber the summer before she started high school and worked part-time from 2009-2017 while in high school and college, followed by nearly 3 years full-time before taking over for her father when he passed away in February of 2021.  Kelly continued running the business up until they experienced a post-pandemic staffing shortage which led to her making the difficult decision to close the business.

Rick Wilson, the President of Pukall Lumber Company, knew of their business since they purchased their lumber from Pukall Lumber Company.  When he heard they were closing, he wanted to purchase some of the equipment they had.  While he was there, he saw Kelly working and discussed her plans for the future, which turned into Pukall Lumber Company taking over the manufacturing with Kelly’s assistance.

Cassell Box & Lumber has supplied some of Wisconsin’s most recognized companies with their wood container needs.  Pukall Lumber Company is proud to have brought Kelly Cassell onto their team to continue the Cassel Box legacy as she has extensive experience in innovative container manufacturing.  With her guidance and experience, Pukall Lumber Company will continue to:

  • Have the highest quality standards in the industry

  • Serve military, energy, aerospace, food industry, industrial and commercial sectors

  • Remain government and military specification compliant

  • Be cost-effective and cost competitive

  • Offer custom design solutions involving product transit safety

    • Domestic and export shipment

    • Durability for one-time use or continued reuse

    • Exact loading requirements sustained

    • Ensuring safe transit of cargo and product protection

    • Eliminate excess packaging


Kelly Cassel has been working with the team already in place a Pukall Lumber Company to build the perfect boxes and crates at Pukall Lumber Company’s Arbor Vitae location. The growth of the crating department is expected to be rapid, and Pukall Lumber Company will be looking to add more full-time and part-time staff to their already strong team. To apply please visit:


For more information on Pukall Lumber Company’s new Crating Department, please contact Rick Wilson, President of Pukall Lumber Company at: (715) 358-1632

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